art freed is yoko feinman


Well, actually Art Freed was my grandfather, Aaron Feinman.  

Or at least that was his business alias for over 30 years.  The same year that I began to pursue turning my love of hand written correspondence and illustration into my own business, my grandpa Aaron passed away.  So it seemed only natural to honor his own secret artistic streak by borrowing ART FREED for our little company. 

loafers sketch by Aaron Feinman

loafers sketch by Aaron Feinman


ART FREED is a completely home-based business.  All illustrated products start as hand painted watercolors and are scanned, printed and hand-assembled in the McFeincrum family home.  

So Why Cards?

If you're like me and you've moved around a lot, you know how precious it is when you receive a little slice of your family and friends in the form of a hand written card or letter.  Sometimes with thousands of miles between me and my loved ones, the most I could give was to send my love via snail mail.  In a world of ample social media and character restrictions, a good old-fashioned card in the mail bursts with warmth and personality.  ART FREED offers a selection of sweet and colorfully illustrated cards to make penning a lovely letter that much more special. 

Prints & Design

In 2009 I walked into a mom n' pop English school in Kanazawa, Japan with only a handful of teaching materials available to me.  Within a week, I was up late at night creating my own posters and flashcards of animals and foods.  This lead to my first attempts at drafting illustrated stories for children.  I haven't stopped painting since.  

I have been commissioned to make wedding portraits and invitations, children's fantasy paintings and illustrated recipes. 

If what I love to do can help you create a better invitation, logo, menu, gift,  you name it, then I'm your gal.



photo courtesy of Marc McCrum

photo courtesy of Marc McCrum

Letter writing is the only device for combining solitude with good company.
~Lord Byron

All unmarked photographs courtesy of Reese Muntean.